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Would you like to effortlessly harmonize, clear and balance the energy in your home? Energetic Feng Shui can help you do this with almost no effort on your part. Thousands of people have written testimonials how this work has helped radically transform their health, relationships and well-being on all levels.

Energetic Feng Shui is a process I developed after helping many people with Qigong Distant Energy Healing. I realized balancing and harmonizing the energy in people’s home would greatly enhance their health and well-being. The Energetic Feng Shui process is done distantly and can be done anywhere in the world.

Energetic Feng Shui
Feng Shui

A simple explanation of Feng Shui is that it is an ancient art and methodology that has developed for over a thousand years in China to balance and harmonize the energies in a space, which helps to enhance health and good fortune. Other cultures also practice something similar. India has an ancient tradition called Vastu that essentially does the same thing but can use very different methods.

Many people in the West are now using Feng Shui and some big businesses are also employing Feng Shui practitioners to enhance their businesses. There are many books out now about Feng Shui and countless stories of how Feng Shui practitioners have helped their clients not only with health but many other areas of their lives. Much of Feng Shui is based on similar principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine of balancing yin and yang and the 5 Elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When these elements are balanced then good good health and well being is the result.

Feng Shui practitioners believe when the energy of a home is out of balance it can affect all areas of your life from health, finances, relationships, spirituality, career and more.

One of the most important things the Energetic Feng Shui sessions can help is to remove and neutralize negative energy fields in the space. If you move into a house where the previous occupants have had many arguments or other unhappy thoughts and feelings then some of those energy fields can be left behind. Anything with a strong emotional reaction can leave an energy field in the environment. Also good thoughts and feelings can leave behind an uplifting energy field. Different spiritual traditions recognize this.

Most people have been around a person who has very negative thoughts and speech and realize how it can affect them. I have heard many people walk into buildings and say the energy feels great there or it doesn’t feel good.

I often get reports from people who notice a change in their living environment after a session. Someone wrote after a session “I actually start feeling stuff way before you start. It’s like the energy in the room changes.” Others have said that the energy in their houses feel lighter and cleaner after a session.

People report that their plants and flowers appear healthier after the sessions and some plants bloom out of season. Everything loves good energy. I include everyone’s house and yard in the monthly energy program.

Hi Michael ! ” I just wanted to let you know that many of the flowers and trees in our yards have been blooming beautifuly. And even plants I have had for YEARS, two of them have flowered! They never have had any flowers. I didn’t know they could flower!!

My family as well as myself, are totally blown away. It took me a few days to finally realise it was you. Your energy is having an amazing effect on the plants!I told my family, and I think they too are a little bit starting to believe that such things are possible.

I have always believed, but it sure is nice to be able to visibly get confirmation. But another much more important thing has come from this! It gives me renewed hope!! Especially for me, and maybe others out there who don’t feel all the “sensations” that other people claim to feel during energy sessions, that there is “something” out there.
Thanks for all you do,” Yolanda

Michael, “I think my yard is responding to your energy. My 30 foot flowering weeping cherry tree is covered in pink blossoms. It is an old tree and hasn’t been this prolific and beautiful in several years. Even the “dandy lions” are the biggest plants I’ve seen !Thank you for your continued support. It is very comforting.”      Rosalie

Hi Michael,  “I always find the healing sessions to be helpful, both the main session and the daily adjustments, but I have to give a special thanks for the 2nd session in this last series, which was spectacular. I’ve never seen so many “fireworks”. My energy really got moving.

Since that session I’ve noted more willingness and clarity in standing up for my personal rights which is helping me when dealing with difficult or self-centered people. I am so welcoming this change!

Also, many people have mentioned the benefits to their gardens from the space clearing. The plants in my garden have grown so much, it’s actually funny. I can’t help but laugh when I see a plant quintuple in size when that type of plant doesn’t do that. We also have a “volunteer” mullein which is finally coming down, at the end of its natural cycle, after achieving a magnificent 7′. That plant was so large when I invited people into our yard they would walk right by it like it was a tree then jump back when I pointed it out.

Wishing you the best down there in southern California and will be looking forward to meeting you in the chi field. Thank you,” Linda

Dear Michael, “Thank you for the month of healing sessions. I have been doing things myself as well and so was not sure which thing was producing which result if you know what I mean?

However, there have been amazing changes in me and things around me! I have been working on letting go of my “attachments” to losing weight (an issue I have been working on for almost 50 years), and having more money, etc. After a wonderful massage last week, and making that intention, it was gone!!

I feel freer I think than ever in my life! I did have diarrhea one day for seemingly no reason at all. It happened 3 times and went away without any further problems. I imagined it was due to releasing emotional toxins since I am rarely ever ill physically and I eat natural food I prepare from scratch. I also just now read your email on dreams and I had a couple unusual dreams as well. I do not normally have many dreams and these were very unusual. Then I have a Sheltie you were working on and he has almost totally stopped barking when I leave, something I have been working with him on for almost two years! Hurray hurray! He seems more perky as well!

I also just now read your email on dreams and I had a couple unusual dreams as well. I do not normally have many dreams and these were very unusual. Then I have a Sheltie you were working on and he has almost totally stopped barking when I leave, something I have been working with him on for almost two years! Hurray hurray! He seems more perky as well!

Lastly I love orchids, however, I have never had one bloom a second time in all the years I have had them and one now has a stem with buds on it! I was quite surprised!! In addition, I have an Amaryllis plant given to me by friends about four years ago. It has had endless beautiful leaves and no bloom. I have put it outside in the summer and the slugs have eaten it all down. I tried everything and nothing worked. Recently I cut off a few of the huge leaves since it was overflowing on my plant shelf (and I talked to it first.) Well it is blooming!! Four beautiful big red flowers!! So that is a surprise too!

Overall things are moving forward in my life and life is getting easier as I connect to my inner wisdom more and more throughout each day! Thank you for a wonderful month of healing!

Much love and appreciation,” Morgine

When Energetic Feng Shui is done on a home some of the same things are done that are done to help a person. Yin/yang and the 5 Elements are brought into balance. One of the things that is more difficult to maintain over time with the Energetic Feng Shui is the balance of the 5 Elements. There are many things that affect this and you may want to consult a Feng Shui consultant to help with this if you have an interest. I don’t do consultation.

Some people have recognized the importance of the Energetic Feng Shui and have used it for things like rental properties or homes they are about to move into.

Included with the Energetic Feng Shui sessions is a Qigong Distant Energy Healing for your personal health and well-being. The price to include yourself and home is $99 and for $138 you can include everyone living in your home in the session. You can sign up on the Purchase/Contact page.