Can Distant Energy Healing Help You Heal from the Flu and Colds?


Are you fed up with ineffective cold and flu medicines? Take them and toss them in the trash! There's a better solution using alternative medicine: distant energy healing.

The universe, the earth, and humans connect with each other through energy. Energy surrounds us no matter where we are. Many humans can feel the energies of the earth and of other beings.

Energy flows through our 7 chakras and the energy channels called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine and sustains our mental, spiritual, and physical being. Who doesn't want positive energy flowing through their chakras, and meridians. Balanced chakras help us feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthy!

When the energy is unable to flow freely through our bodies passing into the 7 chakras and the meridians, we can become ill.

Energy blockages allow for negative energy to build up in our system and can make us sick. We are not strong enough to fight it. Ultimately our bodies contract viruses like cold and flu bugs.

Rid Cold And Flu Symptoms

Something as common as the "common cold" can lead to much more serious viruses such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). This happens because our body’s immune systems are weakened.

A cold or flu makes us exhausted. Any illness is a huge vibe killer. No one wants to be struck by a sickness.

Plus, we can't afford to be tired. We have work to do! We have families to care for and other business that needs attention!

Let's face it, we don't have time for a cold. No one does.

People believe they know how to get rid of the flu or colds with medicine from the drug store. But cold and flu medicines contain unnatural ingredients. Our bodies weren't made to consume these foreign substances.

And taking multiple pills throughout the day is a headache in itself and can be very toxic. Not to mention, does it even really work? Or are we just masking the symptoms?

Every human being is unique and so are our bodies. There is no guarantee of how our bodies will react to anything that is unnatural. But the result can be harmful. Most pharmaceutical medicines list a number of serious side effects that you can experience.

Around 8 percent of U.S. hospital admissions are from synthetic drug side effects.

Fast results that heal rather than mask are what we need. Distant energy healing is convenient and very easy to do, often with very little effort on your part. This is how to help heal cold, and flu symptoms fast and boost our immune systems.

We need to have a good state of mind for our bodies to be healthy. Distant healing helps put us in that place.

Our mental attitude affects our physical well-being. If our minds and spirits are feeling broken down, then our bodies tend to feel broken down as well.

Healing Done Right

Ancient healing methods focus on the flow of energy in our bodies. It is important that we enhance the flow of positive energy and release negative energy.

Cold and flu symptoms can sometimes last weeks. It can weaken immunity, and this can leave seniors and others very vulnerable to other serious illnesses.

When people have a sickness for awhile, it can make them feel depressed and out of control. Responsibilities can build up and make people feel worried about how they are going to catch up.

When we are sick, we want to get well as fast as possible. Distant energy healing can help you do this.

Clean Your Space

A good way to start your distant healing is to have a clean space. This enhances the flow of positive energy to enter the space without interference.

Move things around, switch things up, and create an open space that is inviting. Feng Shui, sage, incense, are all good ways to clear a room. We have to do what feels right for us. We are all different!

Positive healing energy thrives in a clean space. And it's very beneficial for our health and well-being.

Negative energy can be picked up from our surroundings. We can also absorb negative energy from other people who are very angry, pessimistic, and cynical.

Some essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint can help clear the body of headaches and congestion when inhaled. You can put the oils in boiling water. The aromas flood the house and can help clear the body of headaches and congestion when inhaled. Specific herbs are also known to promote relief of cold and flu symptoms.

Balance Your Chakras

Having balanced chakras are very important for good mental, physical and emotional health. Healthy chakras keep your energy field (aura) strong and can help repel colds, flu, and other sicknesses.

If you are not familiar with the chakras, there are many articles and illustrations on the Internet.

A great way to balance the chakras is meditation! Relax and sit up straight.

One by one, go through each chakra. Think about where each one lies and spend individual time focusing on each one. Visualize breathing in the color associated the chakra into the chakra. Then while breathing out visualize a dark or smoky substance leaving the chakra.

There are also symbols related to each chakra that you can visualize in the chakra to facilitate balancing and clearing. You can view these symbols on the Internet.

Distant healing will also help heal, clear and balance the chakras.

Distant healing helps release energy blockages in the meridians and chakras. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes when energy flows properly in the body, then good health is the result.

By clearing blockages in the energy channels, the mind/body can heal itself with its innate healing ability. There are many testimonials to prove it.

Receive Energy Healing

One type of distant energy healing is done monthly. A single session will leave the body feeling great, but monthly services will ensure it stays that way.

The more energy healing that is received, the healthier our bodies will be. It will balance and clear us more as we go. This will eventually lead to a deeper understanding of the mind, spirit, and body.

Reoccurring blockages can be found and addressed to solve the problem rather than covering it up. We should remember that keeping up with consistent energy healing is the best way to resolve any old, current, and future problems.

But how can we make time for it? Simple.

Distant energy healing is super convenient. You can receive the energy at any time or day. You can even sleep while receiving the energy!

The difference can be felt directly after signing up to receive it!

Distant energy healing services have been helping people around the globe. It can help you too!

Be Healthy

Get down to the root of the problem and stop masking it. Choose distant energy healing.

There is no doubt that distant energy healing is a great natural way to relieve ourselves of cold and flu symptoms.

Hey, our bodies don't want man-made products! Our bodies want what the earth and universe naturally provide for us.

Start your distant energy healing today and begin to see the difference. Your body will feel refreshed inside and out. Receiving energy is great for mental, spiritual, and physical health.

So bid that cold or flu away through a process of releasing negative energy and absorbing positive energy received.

Different programs and plans for sessions based on individual needs are found on the product and contact page. There are custom options for what fits each person's specific lifestyle so we can be the best, healthiest versions of ourselves.


“I had the session and I appreciated it because I had a rare occurrence of getting sick with an infection that I normally would have taken antibiotics for. (I’m a RN at a hospital and was exhausted from too much overtime before getting exposed).

Your first session got me over the major part of the infection in one hour and I canceled my appointment with my doctore the next day. I still have a minor virus but I can deal with that” Cheryl

If you are interested in experiencing Qigong Distant Energy Healing, Michael Mohoric will be happy to help you. He has 233,000 Facebook Likes and thousands of testimonials how this Qigong Distant Energy healing has helped people heal from colds, flu, pain, and many other illnesses. His work helps heal and balance the chakras.

Michael is the former Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Assoc. and has over 1,000 endorsements on Linkedin, many from health care professionals.