Thousands of people on Facebook have posted how this Qigong distant chakra healing has helped them heal their mind and body. This chakra balancing and chakra healing has helped people to heal from pain, many illnesses, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, and more. When your chakras are in balance it can heal the whole mind/body complex.

Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing

Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing

Chakra healing, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing are all terms that mean essentially the same thing. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle. The chakras are subtle vital energy centers in the spine. The chakras represent major areas of life and also are responsible for certain physiological reactions in the body. The chakras can be seen as an interface between matter and consciousness.

Chakra healing, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing all have to do with making sure that the chakras are functioning correctly. Energy in the chakras can become blocked so that they don't function at their maximum potential. This can result in mental, physical and psychological disturbances. Chakra healing is the process in clearing these blockages so that they can function properly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not make direct references to chakras because Vedic Medicine in India developed as a separate but related body of knowledge. Many modern acupuncturists and Qigong teachers do believe there are corresponding points in the acupuncture meridians that relate to the chakra system.

Most traditional texts refer to 7 major chakras but some systems show more. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for connecting us with the earth energy. Imbalances in this chakra can make one feel insecure, unsafe and also has to do with financial issues. The second chakra located in the lower pelvis has to do with sexuality and also is related to kidney energy.

The third chakra in the solar plexus area of the spine has to do with personal power and will and also has to do with stomach and liver energy. The 4th chakra is located at chest level and has to do with love, compassion and heart energy. The 5th chakra in the throat area has to do with communication and expression. The 6th chakra is in the center of the head and has to do with intuition and directly perceiving the truth. The 7th chakra at the top of the head connects us with universal energy.

There are many systems and methods for chakra healing, balancing and cleansing including meditations and breathing techniques. Qigongdistant energy healing can be a very powerful and quick way to clear, heal and revitalize the chakra system.

Testimonials about chakra healing with Qigong Energy Distance Healing

Thousands of people have posted how Qigong Energy Healing has helped them heal many different illnesses, pain, stress, anxiety, and helped balance, clear and heal their chakras. The Facebook Qigong Distant Energy Healing Page has 233,000 followers. Michae Mohoric has over 1,000 endorsements from other professionals on Linkedin, many in the health care professions.

Sandy Johnson, author of "The Brazilian Healer with the Kitchen Knife and other Stories of Mystics, Shamans, and Miracle-Makers", a book about healers with unusual abilities including John of God, writes about this work. "Even with all my exposure to healers of all types, this work leaves me amazed."

“Thank You for all you do for others Michael. You are a blessing. Even being a reiki master/teacher you have helped me in so many ways. Clearing my chakras and balancing me has helped me alot in my Psychic Mediumship. One of my clients and friend has become more intuitive open since the Healing Sessions from you also. She also takes reiki classes near where she lives.  Again Thank You so very much.”   Glenda

"First time I ever saw my third eye is with the very first healing session. What an amazing experience count me in again for this one. Thank you."  Rosemarie Hackett

“Thank you! I went to bed (London) and set my intention ready to receive during the night. I woke up with a very powerful energy coming into my crown. The energy streamed down through my body and bathed me in heat. Each chakra seemed to be worked 2 or 3 times, with the brow chakra being the most intense.”   Debbie Dunn

“Yesterday's energy session was so powerful. I felt the energy in my lower chakras releasing old, stagnant, blocked emotions. I would describe the feeling as Yummy and felt Amazing”… Thank you for your gift!!!”  Linda Wintz

Michael,“Your energy sessions have been wonderful! I just signed up for another month.   Saturday's healing was very powerful. ‎ I felt the energy flowing through every Chakra. Incredible! My daughter set the intention to receive QiGong on Saturday. She also had a very powerful experience and came over to share with me today.  Thank you for sharing your gift.”  Suzanne

Michael "Thank you for offering this to us. It is really so helpful! I set my intention and felt an immediate, gentle shift. My chakras are resonating and I feel a beautiful peace and ease settling on me. Thank you again brother! Thank you!  Traci Fox

Dear Mike...  What an amazing experience! There is so much I want to tell you, I just don't know where to begin. The session began promptly at 10:00 and continued until 11:20. It was a very loving and warm experience. It started off with a white light which swirled around my body. This light originated at my crown and traveled down my body in a spiral pattern, ending at my feet.

I then felt my chakras opening up and being cleansed. There was a huge pressure in the area of my heart chakra. This pressure lasted for some time. Although I do not see colors or visualize, I felt as if there were colors of varying sizes and shapes entering my body... I felt at peace, in golden white light.

I must have dozed off and then awoke toward the end of the session at which time I experienced and saw this HUGE blast of White Light originating at my crown. I experienced not only white light at this point but very warm heat which wrapped itself around my body and proceeded downward toward my toes in a spiral pattern and then back up toward my crown and then back down again.

WOW! Thanks so very much! With Love and light!   Sharyn

Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing FAQ

What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is the art and practice of correcting the flow of energy in an individual's chakra system. The chakra system is made up of seven primary energy points (or more in certain systems) that work together to keep you energized and functional. When your chakra system is unbalanced, you may find yourself feeling stressed, tired, or doubting your position in life. This process takes steps to bring you back into a proper alignment through physical or meditative techniques. Oftentimes, having an individual with a healthy chakra balance transmit their balanced energy to you can be the most beneficial treatment.

What does chakra balancing do for you?

Establishing a firm and healthy chakra balance is essential to maintaining a steady flow of personal energy, decrease stress, and create a more productive self overall. When your chakra system is in flux, it can be difficult to concentrate or relax. Furthermore, if your chakras are out of alignment, there is a chance that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. By seeking balance, you can figure out what that wrongness might be and set it right.

How do you know if your chakras are blocked?

A chakra imbalance can manifest as something physical, such as joint aches or gastrointestinal issues, or something emotional, such as negative thoughts or persistent doubts. If you find yourself dwelling on a certain emotion or worry, there is a chance that your chakras are blocked and require attention.

What is a chakra cleansing?

Chakra cleansing is essentially the same concept as chakra balancing: it is a process of bringing your chakras back into alignment and freeing them from whatever blockages may exist. Maintaining a steady flow of energy throughout your chakra system is the key to maintaining a balanced and emotionally healthy life. Chakra cleansing is the tool that you need to achieve this alignment and feel more secure in yourself.

How do I heal my chakras?

Each of the major chakras has its own center and its own methods of healing. To better understand how chakra healing can help you, you must first understand which of your chakras is blocked. A trained chakra healer can help you better understand which chakra (or chakras) is blocked so that you can begin focusing on returning that chakra to its normal balance. There are many different methods of attaining chakra healing, and finding the one that will serve you best is the key to achieving balance. A few of these methods include:

1. Distance Healing - With a trained chakra healer, you can begin feeling the results of renewed energy flow from the comfort and security of your own home. Through energy transfer, the chakra healer can help work through the physical, emotional, or psychological issues that you may be experiencing and remove the blocks that are causing your chakra system to lose balance.

2. Chakra Meditation - There are many different meditations to help balance, clear and heal the chakras. Research the Internet to find a meditation that resonates with you.