Energetic healing and healing energy have been around for many centuries. There are ancient texts in China that mention healing energy. In China it is called Qi or chi.  Energetic healing is healing the body and mind by manipulating the life force in the body. Everything in the universe is composed of energy including the human body. 

The human energy field has lines of energy that are called meridians in acupuncture theory.  Energy or chi travels in the meridians.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient energy healing therapy, when there are blockages in the meridians then dis-ease can result. Energetic healing is the manipulation of this energy to have it circulate properly in the energy body.  Acupuncture uses needles to clear blockages in the meridians to enhance energy flow.

Michael Mohoric Healing Energy

Michael Mohoric Healing Energy

Yoga is another ancient system that recognizes the importance of having a balanced energy system for good health and well being.  Ayurvedic Medicine stimulates energetic points on the body called marma points to stimulate energy flow.  These points have some similarity to acupuncture points.  Hatha yoga uses postures to help relax the body and help stimulate the flow of energy.  Many ancient cultures recognize chakas, which are subtle energy centers in the spine that are very important for the human energy field and energetic healing.

Many new energy healing therapies have sprung up in modern times.  Some of these systems are based on ancient knowledge of energetic healing.  Some of these methods are now being used in hospitals to assist their patients in recovering from illness.

Qigong energy healing therapy is one of the oldest of the energetic healing practices and ancient records show that it has been around for thousands of years.  China has clinics in China where they treat serious health conditions with Qigong.  There are many scientific studies in China that point to the effectiveness of Qigong practice and treatment.

Distant energy healing therapy is now being recognized as an alternative energetic healing modality and is being clinically studied at places like California Pacific Medical Center in Northern California. Qigong distant healing has been used successfully in the Far East since ancient times.