A Brief History of Energy Healing

Let's take a trip back in time, to a thousand years (at least) before the common era. The idea of Christianity hasn't been born yet.

Life on the Asian continent has been thriving and full of life for centuries. There's no modern medicine, except for herbs the earth grows.

That is until the idea of energy healing slowly grew and gained steam. An early reference of Chi, (aka Qi), or the unseen life force of energy healing, shows up in the iChing book back in 1000 BCE.

Learn where energy healing went from there in the guide below.

The Building Block of Energy Healing: Chi, (Qi)

For the purpose of this article, we will use the words Qi and Chi interchangeably. The word Qi is used in China and Chi has been used more in the West, but the words have the same meaning, life force energy.

Since the beginning of energy healing began with the understanding and discovery (or at least writing down of) Chi, let's start there. What is Qi?

There are many different definitions, and they depend on whom you ask and when you asked them. All sources of information hinge on one fact: Chi is the energy of life.

The Yoga Version of Chi

In yoga philosophy, the word Prana is used instead of Chi, but it essentially means the same thing. Like ancient Chinese texts, yoga philosophy is thousands of years old.

The ideas of Chakras are possibly the oldest idea of this entire subject, and they come to us from Hindu texts. Chakras are the energetic building blocks of the mind and body.

For example, the root chakra, located at the base of your tailbone houses the energy that keeps you grounded to the earth and to your life.

Chakras operate in harmony with each other, but you can find yourself weaker in one chakra than the other. When Chi, Qi or Prana is low in one Chakra, it can imbalance the energy in your other chakras.

The other six chakras include your sacral chakra, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye, and your crown chakra.

The Chinese Medicine Idea of Qi or Chi

We have mentions of Qi from the country of China in the third millennium BCE. That's about three thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

At that point, all we know is that doctors and thinkers at that time believed Qi existed. And that there is Qi everywhere and it exists in all matter and all beings.

Later, we begin to integrate Qi with the idea of Yin and Yang. Yin is the traditionally feminine energy or part of Qi, while yang is masculine. You need a balance of both for flowing energy and healthy Chi.

The Chinese believe that the universe is made up by these two opposing forces and that the key to ultimate health and energy lies in finding a balance.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of energy healing. Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors, who practice acupuncture, and energy healers believe in meridians or lines of energy in the body. Meridians deliver energy or Chi from one organ to another or from one body part to another.

If there's an issue, these meridians can get blocked and stop the flow of Chi.

The Japanese: Ki (Chi) and Reiki

In Japan, the vital life force is known as Ki.

One of the most well-known energy healing systems that come from Japan is known as Reiki.

In the early 20th century (the 1900s) Mikai Usui came up with the Reiki energy healing, which is a technique of channeling life force.

Reiki healers receive what are called attunements that they use to channel healing energy.

How Is Chi Used in Energy Healing?

Now that you have a very basic understanding of Qi, and it's longevity as a force and a subject let's talk about how to use it to heal.

The most ancient and well-recognized forms of energy healing are Acupuncture, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga. For the purpose of this brief article, we will focus more on Qigong Energy Healing.

Meditation is another related practice that resets and rebalances the life energy.

Is There any Science Behind the Practice?

Yes, absolutely. Too often people write off energy healing or holistic practices as non-scientific. But with energy healing that is not true.

Dr. Benoir MD has reviewed dozens of studies that show the effectiveness of distant healing.

Do you remember in high school science class when you learned that everything is made of molecules and molecules give off energy? Your body is no different.

Those molecules vibrate, even though you can't see them. The vibrations are part of your energy. That's why you hear the expression "good vibes". It's literally talking about strong or positive life energy.

Places have energy as well as people. Think about how it feels to stay in the house or the room after you just had a big argument. Do you ever feel like you need to get out of the room?

Like the emotion of the argument is weighing on the room itself? Those are bad vibes, and yes, you'll profit from getting some fresh air or at least changing your environment.

On the opposite side, think about how you feel outside, at the park, when it's just warm enough with a light breeze. It fills you with energy, right? That's because trees and the outdoors have a high-frequency vibration.

In that park surrounded by plants and fresh air, you're in the midst of a cloud of energy.

How Can I Practice Energy Healing?

Qigong and Tai Chi are two effective ways to gather, cultivate and utilize Qi. Because of the intricacies of the practices, it is good to have a teacher. but you can also learn from videos and books.

Qigong is a series of exercises, meditations and breathing patterns that can be used independently or as building blocks for Tai Chi. Think of them as very slow, flowing movements, as if you were trying to move your body through wet concrete.

Tai Chi tends to be more movement oriented than Qigong and depending on the style and form, Qigong can be easier to learn.

You can also work one on one with an energy practitioner or energetic healing coach. These sessions can guide you to the exact type of energy healing you need at the time.

These can be anything from suggested Qigong exercises to help with bringing good Feng Shui into your home. When energy can flow more freely in your home, then it can flow through your body better as well.

Even your pets can benefit from energy healing. Fido wants to be at peace just as much as you do, he just doesn't know how to express it.

How do I Get Started with Energy Healing Services?

The best place to start with energy healing is with a guide or a coach. These people can answer your questions regarding the practice and know how to send energy in the most efficient way.

Interested? Michael Mohoric will be happy to help you. He has 233,000 Facebook followers and thousands of testimonials how his Qigong distant energy healing has helped people with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. His work also helps heal and balance the chakras.

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