10 Feng Shui Mistakes that Negatively Affect Your Home's Energy


With spring settling in, a lot of us are taking a hard look at our spaces. We want to clean things out, get rid of the old, and refresh our spaces. But what if your space could also work to refresh you?

Feng shui is an ancient practice that uses the arrangement of your home to promote positivity in your life. Rather than becoming a place to eat and sleep, your home can become a place of rejuvenation and positivity. Read on to discover some feng shui mistakes you may be making in your home and how to bring your home back into harmony.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an idea that many of us have heard about in general terms. We know it has something to do with furniture arrangement, energy, and positive vibes. But what is the ancient art and science of feng shui really?

Feng shui was formalized in China more than 3,000 years ago, and the words literally mean “wind” and “water.” It incorporates aspects of physics, astronomy, philosophy, and astrology to create a system that helps you create a space that brings you either good or bad fortune. The concept is based on the Taoist idea that there is chi, or energy, in the universe.

Basic Principles

There are two basic principles that guide feng shui: yin and yang and the five elements. Yin and yang deals with the belief that feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) are needed to maintain balance. The two are opposite and dependent on each other, and if your yin and yang are out of balance, your home will be in disorder.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, water, and metal, each represented by certain colors. These elements can interact in constructive ways – water nourishes wood, wood feeds fire, fire generates ash which becomes soil, and so on. But these elements can interact in destructive ways, too, which is why maintaining a proper balance is so important.

Your Furniture Isn’t Facing the Door

One of the first mistakes people make when they’re arranging their home is not facing their furniture towards the door. Beds, chairs, and sofas should all face towards the door in the room. This puts you in control of the space and allows you to watch who enters and exits the space.

You also want to make sure your bed doesn’t share the same wall as the door. Having your bed near the door, where energy is rushing in and out of the room, can disrupt the vibes you’re building in the space. If you can’t avoid having your bed on the same wall as the door, hang a mirror so you can see the doorway from your bed.

You Haven’t KonMaried

In the last few months, people have started going crazy for Marie Kondo’s cleaning method that focuses on decluttering and keeping only items that spark joy. While this can certainly help clear out some closet space, it can also help improve your chi. Having clutter around can block your chi and throw your life into chaos.

Take time to get rid of any unneeded clutter in your life. Once you get the things that are holding you back out of the way, you’ll be able to manifest the future you want and let the energy flow in your space. Using the KonMari method of getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy is a good way to start.

You Have a Mirror Facing Your Front Door

A lot of people like to hang mirrors in the foyer of their home, and there are some good reasons for this. It opens the space, reflects a lot of light, and gives you a great place to do a last check on your hair and outfit before you walk out the door. But having a mirror facing your front door can seriously disrupt your home’s energy flow.

Energy has to flow into your home from somewhere, and your front door is where that happens. Mirrors reflect energy, and so if your foyer mirror faces the front door, it may be pushing a lot of the energy back out the door. Move your mirror so it isn’t directly facing the entryway if you can.

Your Bed Is in the Corner

As we mentioned, your bed is one of the most important places in your home from an energy perspective. You spend more time there than perhaps any other spot in your house. It’s where you rejuvenate, connect with your partner, and reset your life cycle.

Putting your bed in a corner can disrupt the energy flow in a way you don’t want to happen. You want to make sure there’s plenty of space for energy to flow around your bed. It may make you feel more vulnerable, and it can be awkward to navigate in a relationship.

You Have a TV in the Bedroom

One of the biggest things you can do to disrupt your bedroom chi is to have a television in the bedroom. We know, these days it’s pretty common to have a TV in the bedroom, and it is convenient. But it disrupts not only your energy circulation but also your relationships.

Having a TV in the bedroom means you spend less time connecting with your partner. The bedroom should be a place of rest, rejuvenation, and connection, not someplace to zone out and stare at a screen. Besides, you get all sorts of negative influences streamed into your subconscious if you have a television in your bedroom.

Your Art Is Placed Wrong

Placement of art in your home can make a big difference in your home’s energy circulation. For one thing, you want to make sure art in public spaces is positive and relaxing. While it’s okay to have more challenging art in some private areas of the home if you enjoy that kind of thing, having them in public areas disturbs the relaxing energy you have there.

You also want to avoid hanging large art over your bed or sitting areas. Your home should feel safe, and you won’t achieve that if you’re worried about a huge piece of art falling on your head. And try to make sure all your art supports your intentions – trade out pieces showing sad, sick people for happy people living the kind of life you want.

Your Design Focus Is Too Narrow

A large focus of feng shui is making your space reflect your intentions for your life. If you want to be healthier, creating a space that encourages you to make healthy choices can be powerful. But it’s also possible – and unhelpful – to get too narrow in that focus.

Your design for your home should encompass all the things you want for your life. Think about what you want in the body, mind, and spirit aspects of your life and how you can incorporate those intentions into your design. Keep things broad and you’ll keep the positive energy flowing into every part of your life.

Your Home Isn’t Comfortable

Ideally, your space should promote positive energy flow, and the most important part of creating that positive energy is making the space comfortable for you. There can be pressure to put everything in the “right” place, regardless of what works for you. But if you have to wend around your living room to sit down on the couch that isn’t all that comfortable, your home’s energy won’t be positive.

You should make sure your home is a comfortable place for you to be. Get furniture that you enjoy using, and decorate in ways that make you happy. Try to avoid the mistakes we’re discussing, but find a way to do it that takes your lifestyle into account, too.

You Don’t Make Needed Repairs

Your surroundings transmit their energy into your life, so you want to make sure that energy is positive and healing. Keeping broken objects in your house or ignoring problems in your house itself is a great way to introduce negative energy into your home. It can be a challenge but try not to put off needed repairs for too long.

When you’re decluttering, find any broken objects and either repair or dispose of them. Repairing objects is fine; sometimes something can be all the stronger and more beautiful for having been broken. But don’t ignore that leaky faucet or broken record player any longer.

Your Flooring Is Different

The floor is the foundation of your house in more ways than one. Yes, it is the physical base of your home, but it also forms the foundation of your house’s energy flow. Having too many different kinds of flooring can disturb that flow and create chaos in your home.

It’s okay to have different flooring in busy areas like the kitchen and bathrooms since the energy flow in these places is more chaotic anyway. But for the rest of the house, it’s best to have one kind of flooring. This will unify your home and promote positive, calm energy flow.

Learn More About Energy Healing

Feng shui is an ancient art, and its wisdom carries through to today. Your space has tremendous influence over you; if you don’t believe us, think about how much more stressed you are when your house is messy compared to when it’s tidy. Your space should refresh you, and feng shui can help make that happen.

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