Harness the Power of Healing Energy: 1 Powerful Energy Healing Method


Studies show that approximately 36% of American adults reported using some form of a complementary health approach, ranging from acupuncture to using herbs and eating special diets.

While the popularity of alternative approaches to healthcare grows, so too does the scope of the field. With ancient roots in eastern medicine, Qigong is one powerful complementary health approach that's worth learning about.

Based on the broader field of healing energy, Qigong has benefits for everything from blood pressure to chronic pain and cancer protection. Whether you have something particular you want to treat or you're just looking for more balance, Qigong benefits most everybody.

Keep reading to find out exactly how this Qigong energy healing works and more.

What is Energy Healing?

Qi or Chi refers to the life force or energy that flows through all living things. Qi is that universal life force that determines our health, our mood, our level of motivation, and our ability to connect with other people and beings.

As long as we are living and breathing, we all have that energy as well as the ability to affect it - whether for better or for worse. Many ancient eastern health practices focus on that life force for healing.

In India this energy is prana. In China and Japan, this energy is qi, chi or ki. For the Greeks, this life force is "pneuma."

Regardless of its origin, at the root of all of these ancient practices and remedies is the belief that you can manipulate your energy to positively impact your health, and well being. It can cure common ailments, and as a supplement to the prescribed medicines, we take for more serious conditions.

Energy healing and practitioners of healing energy use various practices to influence your energy in one way or another. They attempt to bring physical and mental awareness and intention to your life force in order to heal. This might involve meditation, touch, exercise, and other techniques that create higher states of health, energy, and awareness.

Qigong is just one of many healing energy practices. But, having been around for centuries, it's one with deep roots and many components.

What Is Qigong?

Also known as Chi-Kung, and pronounced chee-gung, qigong is an ancient Chinese healing energy practice that's been around for over 4,000 years. Its name carries deep meaning that is related to the practice itself.

Qi refers to vital energy. In the practice of qigong, breath and air are considered the physical manifestation of the vital life force energy that flows through all of us. Practitioners believe that everything in the universe contains qi.

On the other hand, gong refers to both "work" and "effort." Which, in turn, refers to the effort that an individual has to put into their own health and balancing their own qi.

Gong represents the commitment that individuals make to the qigong practice, which takes time, patience, and effort. Mastering qigong gives an individual the ability to manipulate their qi to positive physical and emotional ends. That includes promoting self-healing, bringing higher levels of awareness and clarity to one's life, preventing disease, and even increasing longevity.

Qigong Techniques

The purpose of manipulating your qi in the qigong practice is to bring more balance to the distribution of life force energy throughout the body. Balance is achieved through a combination of various techniques. These include breathwork, meditations, imagery/visualization, as well as physical postures that are aimed at removing blocks to the free flow of your qi.

There are thousands of forms of qigong from many different traditions and lineages.

How Does Qigong Healing Energy Work?

As we've already covered, all living beings have a life force energy that runs through and around them. This energy field connects everything. It's located both in and around the body as well as the spaces we occupy.

In order for us to function in a healthy way, our qi has to be able to flow freely and without obstruction. When a blockage occurs, your qi cannot flow freely to that area of the body to bring nourishment. The result is illness and disease of the physical, mental, and spiritual type.

Qigong healers are practiced (and perhaps gifted) individuals that can detect energy fields. They can sense blocks in your qi, locate them, and work to heal and balance them. Such blocks can be caused by:

  • repressed emotion

  • poor or improper diet

  • physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual trauma/injury

  • lack of physical exercise

  • addictions

  • negative thinking

  • pollution in food, water, and air

But how does a qigong energy healer do this? They use the concept of meridians, which come from ancient Chinese medicine and are used in acupuncture.

Meridians mark the routes in our body through which our qi energy flows. Meridians line up with muscles, the nervous system, organs, and even our endocrine glands. In fact, there are over 600 meridian points that a practitioner can target, and each has a connection to a specific body part.

A qigong energy healer uses their ability to see and affect energy fields to remove the blockages in your system. When those blockages have been identified and removed, your qi can flow unimpeded.

This not only helps to cure ailments but also to prevent blockages that can lead to ailments in the future.

How Do Qigong Practitioners Use Healing Energy?

A qigong energy healer has often spent years of study and practice to be able to work with others with energy healing. They have learned to cultivate and build their own qi, and are able to identify and manipulate the life force of others.

A qigong energy healer can use any number of techniques to accomplish this. Different healers will have different approaches and strengths, but some of the more common methods include the following.

Qi Emission

This is where a practitioner emits their own qi into a patient. By placing their hands close to the body of the patient, they remove blocks and give supplemental positive qi.


Similar to emission, a qigong massage involves physical touch to transfer qi energy from practitioner to patient.

Distance Healing

Because qigong healing energy works through the universal life force that is present both within and outside of our bodies, you don't have to be in the same room as an energy healer to receive help. This life force connects everything and everyone.

Some qigong practitioners can correct imbalances in your energy field from miles away and even across oceans. This is also known as distance healing.

Other Energy Healing Methods

A qigong practitioner not only has a strong understanding of traditional Chinese medicine practices such as the meridians, many claim that their practice allows them to tap into other spiritual abilities.

As such, many qigong energy healers can develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience skills that help them in their healing practice.

Is Your Qi Balanced?

Qi is the life force that runs through and connects everything in the universe. For human beings, it determines more than just our mood and motivation. Our qi also has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing.

Whether you're looking to treat or prevent illness, the healing energy of a qigong practitioner might be just what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how your energy impacts your health - and how we can fix it.

Michael Mohoric specializes in Qigong global distant energy healing. He has thousands of positive testimonials how his work has helped heal many serious illnesses, pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more. He discovered he was blessed with a gift of distant energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury. He is the former Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Assoc. He has over 1,000 endorsements on Linkedin, many from health care professionals. He also has over 233,000 Likes on Facebook with thousands of positive posts about how this work has transformed lives.